Devlog 2022/06/30 - Da combat and AI!

Greetings everyone! It's me, Vero / Tib!

Today is the day when progress will REALLY pick up! As mentioned previously, my work contract has changed, and starting from today (Well, technically tomorrow but I couldn't wait to get started!!), I will be doing my main job as a remote work, and only 4 hours a day. This means I get to dedicate almost every day to Predation! And since I'll have so much to work on, we will be sharing everything with you guys, including frequent devlogs, frequent debug builds (Which may or may not include new stuff soon 👀), if enough people want it maybe some dev streams (If I can convince him, maybe with Sephra too!)((If interested in those, be sure to join our Discord, and overall progress on what is being worked on! We will also hold polls on what feature we should improve next. I took a little time to once again re-design our Trello a bit, and from now on I'll actually be keeping it up to date, hopefully daily, so you can see what's actually being worked on!

Let's get started with the first few things!

Combat, Combat, Combat... Combat, along with AI, need to change. This is currently the biggest issue in the game, and while Sephra is doing level 2 stuff, I picked up improving the player combat first, and the AI second. I got some help from some amazing devs from the community, and I've been doing some very small games on the side to test my theories on how things could improve. If anyone played the small combat demo we put in our latest release, that's roughly how things will go forward. The combat will be more focused on blocking / dodging, timing things right and counter attacking, rather than button smashing and hoping that you hit first before the AI does. Along with this, we started adding some new animations for Amber, mostly just small "transition" things to make her animate smoother, and we overall try to eliminate any "snapping" that occurs, such as when she gets up from the ground, when her attacks end, etc...

In the next testbuild, which should hopefully be out sometime near the end of July, you'll see the full player rework, along with either some, or all the AI finished too. We'll also be adding the hidden animation to the gallery, so anyone can access it, even those who might've missed it!

So TLRD: Combat and AI rework is next, devlogs will happen every week or every two weeks, new testbuilds will be a lot more frequent for our supporters, and new MAJOR updates will come out every 4 months with guaranteed new adult animations! (Oh also, we re-worked our rewards for all of our supporters, check it out when you can! There are some new goodies you can get!)

Thank you all for your continued support, and we're really sorry it took us this long to finally start picking up the pieces, but I will do my best!

With love,






There's also something in the making.. something else... something... secret... 👀 Stay tuned!

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