Devlog 2022/07/08 - Status report and Input methods

Greetings everyone, it's me Tib / Vero!

So as promised, we'll be bringing you a devlog every second Friday, or every Friday if I have something new and interesting to say! Right now, I believe I do!

I've been working on the player and AI rework as stated in our previous devlog, bug because this is directly connected to that, I've been testing, learning and adding a new framework that will handle ALL the inputs for the game! This means two things, one, we'll make it a lot more obvious what the controls are, and most importantly, this sets the game up to have a re-bindable control scheme in the near future, for both Keyboard/mouse and controllers!

Second, connected to this. Unfortunately, as amazing as this framework is, it currently has an upstream bug that YYG haven't fixed yet. Until they do, the next few testbuilds released for our dear supporters will be using the YYG Runner, and not the properly compiled version. This simply means that, in certain situations, the game may run slower, but based on previous experience, it might work on more hardware configurations, as strange as that sounds.

The upcoming testbuilds will fully support Keyboard/mouse and Xbox controllers when it comes out, and we would highly encourage everyone who has a controller to try both, and give us feedback! Other controllers may work, but we will only have controller hints for kb/m and xbox for now. I will be testing the game with an Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Elite 2 controllers, along with a generic $5 controller. The framework supports almost any Xinput devices, so when the testbuild comes out, feel free to go wild and try any controller you have at home!

We'll keep you all updated on the progress, but for now, that's all from me! I shall give things over to our lovely lizard, Sephra!

Hello all!

I'm happy to report a lot getting done on my end, including working with actual tilesets for the first time; previously every level tile would be a separate thing, which is still visually fine but this way is going to prove quite useful for something we've got planned! Matter of fact there's a lot planned that I think you'll all be very pleased with coming up; I certainly haven't been this jazzed about stuff in a little while!

Until then though, Ma cualli tōnalli!






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