Devlog 2022/07/23 - A new team member, and a big reveal getting near!

Howdy all,

Fair bit of work going on, a lot of it we hope to show shortly but to keep this whole theatrical build up we're doing I won't be able to provide specifics as yet; it's certainly going very nicely though far as I can tell, I'm having a lot of fun with the aesthetic and Vero's putting things in that are going to be pretty neat as far as this strange little genre we find ourselves in is concerned; you can hopefully also hear the latest addition to this mysterious, eldtrich thing we keep hinting at, which I'm sure you'll agree sounds fairly enticing; lucky old us in the listening booth!

Here's something I can show though, because I'm sure you'll agree now is the time to have a logo and not a moment sooner; I too agree, and present this:

Original right?

Anyway, hope everyone's doing well out there, and we look forward to providing you with some balm or other similar substance soon!


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