A big update on the project!

Greetings everyone on Itch!

First of all I need to say I'm sorry for not posting here much lately! I've been doing a lot of things at once, but finally, I quit my part time job, so that I can focus entirely on Predation for the next couple of years, or possibly even longer!

We set up a role picker in our discord server at https://discord.gg/HornedLizardStudios where you can pick between receiving very frequent updates or pings when a new big update releases!

We're already working hard on level 2 and a couple of new enemies!

So if you can, please feel free to join our Discord server and keep track of things there as we work towards a new release!

Thank you all <3

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i am Capitan Shephard and this is best game on all Itch.io  . Really love Your game. Wish You and Your team big success. <3

It takes a lot of balls to quit a job for your own project, even more if it's a game and even more if it's a type of game not many look for. Best of the best to you and good luck