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Howdy everyone,

Sephra again to announce the new PUBLIC TEST BUILD of the game!

So far we've got the Gallery, for reasons I'd imagine obvious, and a new Credits that we're currently working out the ins and outs of, as you may have been made aware via DM; we want to be as accomadating as we can without infringing anyone's privacy or wishes, but the current main thing is the fact we've got a work in progress implemented for it and we'll have it up to scratch soon enough.

In other news, we've got a new member who's going to be looking after the more social side of things so me and Tib can spend time in our respective fortresses of isolation making stuff and focusing on the work; her name's Sammy and we're hoping that this will make for a much smoother experience for everyone vis a vis the social media type stuff which, shockingly, I'm about as effective as a mahogany frying pan at; pixels I can do, posts I struggle with!

Anyway I shall hand it to them for their intro:

Howdy! As the lizard prime has said, I'm Sammy/SamanthaYote! You may recognize me as one of the moderators of the Discord, or as the Lead Bugtester for the project. When Tib and Sephra approached me to ask if I'd be willing to step into a larger role, I was all for it!

In addition to my previous job, I'll now be taking over the Social Media aspect for Predation! So... I guess you'll be seeing a lot more of me, as compared to the mysterious bug tester in the shadows, haha! I'm overjoyed to have this opportunity, and I hope to show you all what I can do!

and in other other news, I've got some previews for you too of the stuff we've been doing; you've seen the game over screen, and of course there's a few things I can't show off on here, but here's some stuff to whet your appetite:

Yes, that is in fact 3D; this may not be a particular surprise to some of you but I've been working on 3D-ifying the apartment as a sort of counterpoint to animating, and as you can see I got a bit carried away with the background; the beauty of it is half the work I'd already done as far as texturing goes, and I do think it helps to set the mood; the apartment itself is a work in progress though, excuse the lack of clutter that's the next step xD

Right, that's about all for now, thank you very much for reading and continuing to check back on us, and if there's any bugfixes / feedback you'd like to give please send it on over to the Discord, Tib will be able to collect the data from there!

(psst, Tib here, here's a quick changelog since the previous version <3)


  • Fixed a crush that occured sometimes when entering Amber's apartment a second time
  • Fixed a bug that crushed the game when leaving and re-entering the apartment
  • Fixed the radio picker being slightly too small to display all items
  • Fixed the animation picker on the terminal cutting off the last item
  • Fixed the animation picker not having a proper scroll bar
  • Fixed some of the incorrect mouse position calculations when picking an animation in the menu
  • Fixed the x-ray toggle in the options menu not actually toggling the x-ray sprite
  • Fixed some of the tooltips displaying incorrect info in the options menu
  • Increased the animation's size in the gallery by 2x
  • Added an option to pick either 2D or 3D gallery


  • Added small sound effects for certain actions
  • Added the credits in the menu
  • Disabled a few options until their functionality is either fixed or properly implemented


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Sep 08, 2023

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so, will the newer like public update require better video drivers? i planned on buying it whenever it was available