Weekly testbuild! (2023/10/20)

Greetings everyone, it's me, Tib!

I have a new testbuild for you all, I've been adding quite a lot of things, and while I'm too tired to provide a proper changelog, here's a quick rundown:

-Added a load screen, maps will now properly load, and in the future, each map will have it's own artwork, load music and description

-Added some graphical settings in the options menu, including a performance counter

-Added a few new levels, although none of them have any "real" content just yet

-Started building up the player again, currently you can walk, sprint, jump (with a new landing animation)

-Improved the pause menu further

-Improved the in-game notification system

-Added the ability to toggle the mouse cursor (F7) in case I missed a trigger and it doesn't appear when it clearly should

-An easter egg

*Columbo's voice*

Oh and just one more thing

We tried setting the renderer to OpenGL but... it has SOOOO many issues that for now it's just not worth it.

Thank you <3



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Version Oct 20, 2023

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So far I'm loving what I'm seeing! The new landing animation is cute asf (is that weird to say?) Anyway! Something I noticed when I was roaming the apartment though, the sink/counter doesn't have a hitbox, so I can just kinda clip right through it xD


I think there are a few places with weird clipping issues :D but ya I'll get on those soon! Thank you for letting me know!